Title 1

The Panther Valley Elementary School receives federal funding to enhance the reading skills of students at the school.  We are a School-Wide Title I program, which means all students may receive some type of support.  Some students participate in interventions to address deficits in reading skills, while others may get acceleration in particular areas.

We have two Title I specialists that work directly with some of our students and consult with regular education teachers.  We use a wide array of tools to help accurately assess and instruct our students.  In reading, we use the , Early Skills Growth Indicators (ESGI), DIBELS 8, Ready Reading Diagnostic Assessment, PSI, and the PASI to help all readers show growth in their reading skills.  In math, we closely assess students' knowledge of concepts using our Ready Classroom Math curriculum.  Teachers can consult with our specialists for support in math.

You will receive notification if your child is working with one of our Title I specialists.  If you would like to learn more about Title I or feel your child may benefit from meeting with a Title I specialist, please call the school and ask to speak to one of our specialists.

Ms. Andrews and Mrs. McFadden  are currently serving our students. They are assisted by two paraprofessionals.

You can access the following documents, related to Title I programming, by going here

- PVES Title I Home School Compact
- PVES Title I Right to Know Letter
- PVES Family & Engagement Policy
- PVSD Non-Public Documents

Parents and guardians are an important part of the Title I program. We encourage family members to attend the annual Title I policy review meeting and also the Title I Family Engagement events held throughout the year.