The Panther Valley School District uses research-based curriculum to ensure that we are meeting the PA Core standards. We strongly believe that the educational experience that students have in Pre-K through 3rd grade shape a child's education for the rest of their time that they are in school.

In the area of English Language Arts, the district uses Heggerty Phonemic Awareness and 95 Percent Group Phonics which are grounded in research that supports students' acquisition of early literacy skills that are needed to begin reading. Students start by learning to recognize and hear letter sounds, they then move into blending sounds to read and spell words, students then start to learn different phonics skills through explicit instruction that help them to learn to read and spell everyday words. Students also begin to learn to write in complete sentences and to express their own ideas and information from text through writing. Students also are exposed to strong literature on a daily basis using Interactive Read Alouds. These read alouds help students build vocabulary, develop listening comprehension skills, and use oral expression. 

As students move onto 2nd and 3rd grade they continue their phonics and spelling instruction through the 95 Percent Group phonics program. In addition, students are introduced to grade level text through the Ready Reading program. This program emphasizes text dependant analysis and text dependant writing. Students are taught different reading comprehension strategies, how to apply these strategies when reading text to understand what they read, and how to apply these strategies into their writing. 

Reading Rockets is an excellent resource that explain what skills students should acquire at each grade span:  Click here to go to the Reading Rockets Website

In addition to the core instruction, students receive each day, there is time allotted for small group instruction within the classroom and during a daily intervention period. During these times, students work with their teacher or in another classroom on skills that are at their instructional level. This means that they are receiving instruction at the level of skill which they are currently working at.

In the area of mathematics, the district uses Ready Classroom Math from grades K through 5. This is a research based program that is designed to meet the PA Core standards. It targets students' knowledge of both math fact understanding and also helps them develop the conceptual understanding about how numbers work. Students then apply this understanding to solve mathematical concepts and application problems. The math curriculum is challenging and depends upon students practicing skills at home. 

In the area of science, the district uses Mystery Science to begin to expose students to the PA Core science standards. This involves conceptual understanding and allows students to participate in hands on experiments. 

There is a written scope and sequence for both English Language Arts and Math. If you are interested in reviewing this scope and sequence, you may contact your child's classroom teacher.