At PVES we implement a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) program to teach students expected behavior.  Our students believe the following:

WE ARE...Cool Cats
WE ARE...Safe
WE ARE...Responsible
WE ARE...Respectful

Students are taught these expectations across all settings (classroom, hall, etc.).  When students demonstrate what it means to be a Cool Cat, they can earn a Cool Cat ticket.  These tickets can be traded in for various incentives.  Those students who go above and beyond may be selected as our Cool Cat of the Day.  Each month, those students who demonstrate Cool Cat behavior can participate in a monthly Cool Cat Celebration.

Those students who do not demonstrate Cool Cat behavior may receive a discipline referral.  The teacher and/or principal will meet with that student individually to discuss the behavior.  They will re-teach the expected behavior and an authentic consequence may be used (e.g. apologies, restitution, loss of privilege to review expectations, etc.)

It is our goal for this program to help students become positive members of our school and the greater Panther Valley community.