100 Book Challenge

The Panther Valley Elementary School is fortunate to receive a grant sponsored by Ametek.  You can learn more about Ametek by clicking here.

This grant provides the school with resources from the American Reading Company.  In particular, the grant sponsors the Action 100 program.   Research shows that the number one way to increase reading skills is to have students practice reading daily.

The Action 100 program is designed to provide students with access to text on their independent reading level, which means they can read and understand the books on their own.  The grant from Ametek is worth over $100,000 and provides the school with hundreds of new books each year.

Students are assessed frequently using the Independent Leveled Reading Assessment (IRLA) to identify their current independent reading level.  Students then spend 30 minutes reading each day.  During this time, the teacher conducts conferences with students to assess their reading progress.  Students are then expected to read an additional 15 minutes per night.  There is a red bag of books students will take home each night. 

A fifteen minute interval is considered a step.  For every 100 steps, a student receives a medal and a folder celebrating their success.  We ask that you support our goal in having all students read 600 steps per year  (Kindergarten is 400 steps).

A reading coach visits the school for 60 days per year.  This coach helps teachers plan their instruction to ensure students are making growth in their reading skills.

We would like to thank Ametek for their continued support of this grant.

To learn more about the Action 100 program click here

Below is a chart that shows the reading goals for students in this program; however, reading progresses on a continuum and many students may be behind or above their target goal: